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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Slow Down

Thats what I need to tell myself from time to time. 

The whole purpose of this style of shaving is to take your time, do it properly, and not be a slave to the clock. Tell father time to sit in the car and wait until you're ready.

Sometimes I get rushed, or rather, I allow myself to get rushed, and I end up scraping up my neck or chin. I need to get into the zone and let the rest fall away.

This morning was a good example. I was doing just fine, then for some reason got to thinking I needed to hurry it up. Scraped my neck all the hell up. If you have ever had to use a styptic pencil on a nick, you know that it should be enough to keep your hand steady while shaving - GOD that stuff burns. I might as well stab myself in the face with a soldering iron.

I did manage a decent shave the rest of the time though... I'm still convinced that the Nacet blades are made for my face.


  1. Yeah you definitely can't get in a hurry with wet shaving, however getting nicks could be an indication you maybe should use a different blade. I have only had one blade nick me so far in the month I have been wet shaving.

  2. The blade is only part of the issue - the rest is technique and proper lather. Now that Im getting better at forming a good lather I can concentrate on my technique. And on taking my time.

    Its always in the same spot for me, so I know its more of what Im doing vs what Im using.