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Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I heard a lot about this as a classic shaving scent (Google it and you can find all kinds of opinions on it). I decided to try it out and ordered a small tube like the one above.  It cost me about $10.

I don't know how to decipher a scent into its high, midrange and bass notes; I can only tell you if I like it or not. I like this.

It's a little strong at first, but fades away after a while. It's a nice, masculine scent but maybe a bit too floral for me.

According to the misinformation superhighway, the scent is not the same as it used to be. The old formula was more of a tobacco scent (Tabac is french for tobacco) and the new stuff is completely different. The same argument is out there for a lot of "classic" scents, Old Spice for example.

If these "classics" are indeed new formulas in old packaging, then it really isn't a classic at all. The principal of this annoys me, but if the cologne/aftershave/whatever works for you, I guess it doesn't matter.


  1. I too am kind of curious about the classic scents. I just picked up a bottle of Clubman aftershave. I am not sure yet what to think of it. I kind of like the smell, but it is a bit strong. Tom have you tried the original Clubman? And if so how does it compare to the Bay Rum or the Tabac?

  2. Original Clubman... I don't think I tried that yet. The only Clubman I've used is the Bay Rum and the talcum powder, which I didn't care for. It reminds me of a cologne called Canoe (not sure if that's even around any more). I've heard good things about Original Clubman but colognes are pretty individual. You either like it or hate it.